Our Business Model

Bespak has developed significant core capabilities, competencies and processes.

Bespak's business model is built to support two principal goals: helping our customers succeed in commercialising their own designs of drug delivery devices; developing proprietary designs of drug delivery devices, for sale to blue chip customers in Life Sciences. To this aim, Bespak has and will continue its diversification of the drug delivery segments in which it operates as well as increasing its share of the value added content in the supply chain.

To date Bespak has evolved the range of drug delivery opportunities from its origins in the respiratory segment to that of injectables, nasal, ocular, and point-of-care diagnostics. Bespak has also further enhanced its share of the value added in the supply chain beyond that of product design, development, industrialisation and commercial manufacturing operations, and into the handling drugs for the purposes of clinical trials and final market release on behalf of our customers.

Bespak has developed significant core capabilities, competencies and processes developed through strategic investments in skills, technologies and infrastructure that provide for the best long-term growth and profitability prospects based on the value they deliver to our customers, whether based on either customer or Bespak owned intellectual property.

Bespak's core capabilities include:

New Product Introduction Process
A stage gated process honed over many years and major programmes involving concept creation through to second sourcing.
Programme Management
Bespak operates a formal programme management process with dedicated programme managers leading customer-centric teams to ensure programmes are delivered to agreed goals, objectives and milestones.
Prototype, Pilot, and Volume Manufacture
Ability to manufacture products in singles, tens, hundreds, thousands and millions through a wide range of capabilities fulfilling needs at the development, clinical and product launch and commercialisation stages.
High Precision Injection Moulding
Repeatable and reproducible component manufacturing processes, whereby very tight tolerances are achieved through closely controlled processes and equipment. Bespak manufactures over 2.5 billion components per annum.
Industrialisation and Scale-up
This is critical to the conversion of development opportunities into marketed realities in a regulated environment. Bespak has industrialised more dry powder inhalers than any other company and we continue to improve our processes to better serve our customers.
High Speed Automated Assembly
Bespak has in-depth knowledge and capability in design of fully automated assembly machines and has long established relationships with a number of suppliers. Bespak operates 27 state-of-the-art fully automated assembly machines manufacturing over 500 million devices per annum.
Regulatory and Quality Compliance
In licensing a drug, there are two 'files': the drug file and the device file which fit together jointly for the approval license. Bespak, its postal address, the materials and the equipment used are all defined in the device master file, which ensures long term visibility of supply, and a high barrier to entry.
This is supported by quality management processes and systems which ensure 6-sigma quality performance of manufactured parts, supported by lab release testing and analysis. Bespak operates to ISO 13485, and has a clinical trials license. This regulatory and quality compliance is validated externally by over 30 audits per annum.
Continuous Improvement
Bespak has a dedicated continuous improvement team focused internally and externally on the supply chain with the goal of improving processes and operations and eliminating non-value added activities. The team targets over £1 million of cost savings per annum.

Our business model is flexible, adapting to the continuously changing market and economic environment. The Company has strengthened its position through strategic investments and acquisitions in higher value areas such as injectables and drug handling capabilities. In addition, the Company has improved overall productivity and is investing significantly in
opportunities to participate in some of the world's most critical markets. As a result, the Company continues to enhance its operating performance.

This, supported by the Company's long-term financial model, has enabled the Company to deliver consistently strong earnings, cash flows and returns on invested capital in changing economic environments.

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