16. Investments

Group — equity investments2013
Cost and net book value at 1 May2,5481,101
Cost and net book value at 30 April3,6502,548

In April 2013, the Group invested a further £1.1m in Atlas Genetics Limited, a UK-based privately owned healthcare technology company with an ultra-rapid point of care (POC) diagnostics platform. The Group's UK division, Bespak, undertakes design for manufacture work to prepare disposable test cards that are a core component of the Atlas system and has also been awarded long-term manufacturing rights for the card.

Subsidiary undertakings

Cost and net book value82,09283,327
Other equity investments

Investment in Atlas Genetics Limited3,6502,548


The Company has disposed of its indirect holding in King Systems which had been held at cost of £1,235,000.

Long-term loans to Group undertakings

At 1 May75,51560,579
Net movement in the year(29,919)13,719
Effects of exchange rate changes3,0711,217
Net book value at 30 April48,66775,515

Interest is charged on long-term loans to subsidiaries at rates linked to LIBOR.

A list of the Company's principal subsidiaries is included in note 30.