24. Share capital and share premium

Group and CompanyNumberOrdinary shares
of 10p each
Share capital authorised
At 1 May 2012 and 30 April 201340,000,0004,000
Share capital issued and fully paid
At 1 May 201229,011,4082,90132,667
Issued under share option schemes195,71720739
At 30 April 201329,207,1252,92133,406
Number of shares issuable under outstanding options1,242,2821,593,223

195,717 (2012: 65,619) ordinary shares of 10p were issued as a result of exercises under the Consort Savings Related Share Option Scheme for total consideration of £758,124 (2012: £288,343).

The Group purchases its own shares using an Employee Share Ownership Trust (ESOT) to satisfy entitlements under the Group's Long-Term Incentive Plan. The cost of the shares held by the ESOT is deducted from retained earnings. The ESOT is financed by a repayable-on-demand loan from the Company of £3,472,000 (2012: £2,472,000). As at 30 April 2013 the ESOT held a total of 511,378 ordinary shares (2012: 419,564 shares) at a cost of £2,829,502 (2012: £1,998,716) and market value of £4,091,024 (2012: £2,781,709).